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Friday, April 16, 2010 - 16:49

SPLM Lakes State Secretary denied allegations that his party is using the SPLA forces to arrest and detain members from other parties. Samuel Mathiang Ker denied to Good News reporters that the SPLM is using the military to settle scores with political opponents. Mr. Mathiang said if any arrests were done, it was within the law. Mr. Ker's statement comes in response to complaints from candidates and members of other political parties, including independent candidates who have suffered what they have described as "unjustifiable arrests and detention". Mr. Moses Ater Manyiel, an Independent candidate for Wullu and Barghel payam, told Good News Radio that he was arrested on April 12 by SPLA forces and released after four hours of detention with no charges levelled against him. The same case is told of John Anyon Abdala of NCP. Sources told Good News Radio that similar arrests have taken place in Rumbek East County. Mr. Ker denied allegations that most SPLM agents were tempting illiterate voters at the polling stations to vote for SPLM. He explained that the soliciting voters by SPLM agents and supporters was done outside polling station, adding that this is not campaigning. Mr. Ker further said that as a party, SPLM does not have anything else in common with the Independent candidates, except being governed by same electoral law. The ruling party Secretary expressed confidence that his party will win the elections. SPLM in Lakes State has been criticized by virtually all other political parties of using the state machinery to campaign and win voters, including the State FM radio station.

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