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Radio Emmanuel-Otwari Thomas Marino
Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - 14:51
The Priest of the Catholic Diocese of Torit is calling on Christians to stop robbing and looting people on highways and residential areas.
Father Joseph Logura advises citizens to renew their lives and be agents of positive change in their communities.
He says things done in darkness will be exposed one day.
“By the way you see don’t attempt to robe the man of God on the way although the may say no we don’t know even the God you are praying for, don’t robe the man of God, don’t loot you will start walking and telling other people that am the one who stole the things of the father and they are here at the end don’t robe anybody the innocent people travelling because one day you will come and say I am the one did we play our role as Christians to condoles those things”.
The Catholic Prelate calls on Christians to be honest and share what they have with their brothers and sisters.
“let us be honest to ourselves, let us pray, let us give out, let us share with our brothers and sisters and this is the practice we are doing to help renew our faith and those things, temptation comes because those personal interest if we are working for the common good of our people, I think those temptation will reduce we are planning to use even those things we have, my earring my chin my smelling, we have used we are now using it wrongly”
Fr.Logura urges Christians to translate the word of God by putting into practice.
The Priest was talking to the congregation at Our Lady of Holy Rosary Church in Torit on Sunday.

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