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Radio Emmanuel-Otwari Thomas Marino
Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - 14:49
The Commissioner of Torit State Revenue is informing the public that his ministry is working hard to raise the tax from 50 to 60 percent within the next three months.
Onek Charles Okwaru asks the state authorities to collaborate in imposing the tax to the few available natural resources such as timber.
“now am determine that we are going to raise up to 60% as I said why we have never tax some of the revenue sources which I want us to tab together with you and one of it is the logging tax, with logging taxes we have never explored this honorable minister I want to assure you that me together with this team and your office plus the board support we are going to go down to the ground to tax all those contracts awarded by Government”
According to Charles the 52 Billion South Sudanese pounds revenue tax remitted, will help finance the state’s activities.
“the state revenue authority revenue projection for 2018-2019 is approximately going to finance 50% of this budget we are very confident to talk about this, 50% of this budget is around 52 Billion and already we must be very honest that through what we have raise we have already raise almost coming to a half of that budget within the four months when you take the what we have collected and remitted to finance so am very confident that between 50-60% we are going to finance this budget”
Commissioner Onek advises the population to protect the available natural resources and the environment.
John Savio Otwor is the Torit State Minister of Finance Commerce and Public Service and Human Resource Management.
He calls for accountability and good governance among leaders.
“After that the expectation from the accountability and budget instinct is reporting a good governance and accountability we stress this good governance of the budget and especially you those holding responsibilities either in the state or in the County there because we have funds for example for health, for example for education, for example for water and those one in each responsibility must spend responsibly in order to go to the target that we want to see should be done”

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