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Radio Emmanuel
Friday, March 22, 2019 - 14:52
The Commissioner of Torit East County Toby Majak Thomas says the shortage of water and livestock feed have made life difficult for the cattle keeping communities.
Speaking to Catholic Radio network on Phone, commissioner Majak said, cattle keepers in his county have moved their animals to neighboring Torit County in search for water and feeding for their cattle.
He said life remains difficult for the population as they struggle for water in the few available boreholes.
“It is just a problem of livestock feed and water. Most cattle in Torit east have been taken to Loudo and there have been incidents of shooting for the second time while searching for water and grass up to Taudal which has increase suffering for the people”
Torit east commissioner appeals to state government and non-governmental organizations to intervene by providing water solar system to avoid animal migration.
He cited an example in some areas in Torit East County that has only one borehole with restrictions of less than four jerry cans a household is required to collect in a day.
”They have to come and add boreholes to help the situation. The one we have is not enough. They have to drill more boreholes using solar system because the area is very hot. If done using solar, the people and animals will benefit because there are places completely without water and people are suffering. If you go to places like Iloli Boma, there is limited water there drilled by CARITAS. Each household takes not more than four jerry cans a day. They have to add many boreholes there to save the situation”.
Commissioner Toby Majak Thomas advises the community to remain calm and calls for peaceful coexistence to allow services to reach the area.

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