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Don Bosco Radio
Saturday, March 16, 2019 - 09:41
The listeners of Don Bosco Radio are appealing to government authorities and UN agencies to support the people with disabilities in the country and join them in their celebration.
Gabriel Lete, one of the callers, said it is the collective responsibility of every citizens of South Sudan to encourage and help those who are living with disabilities so that they may feel that they are remembered.
He urged people who pretend to be disabled not to joke with God.
Elisabeth Aman makur said people who are disabled should be given best support by the government and any other non-governmental organization to help the needy.
She explains that people must have love towards them because disability is not inability.
Akit Shanan calls for high consideration for people with disabilities because they did not wish to like that. 
He adds that some of the people with disabilities are not in good condition due to crises in the country.
Torres Nhail Rabbi reminded everyone that the period of Lenten season requires people to love and care for those who have disability.
He appeals to his fellow youth to be the eyes of the disabled people and encourage them to overcome some challenges.


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