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Radio Anisa
Friday, March 15, 2019 - 14:39
The government of Gbudue promised to support women by educating them on how to fight against gender-based violence in the state.
Badagbu Daniel Rimbasa says the perpetrators of gender-based violence will be brought to book once rape case arises.
He adds that the government is working hard to empower women economically to eradicate poverty in the state.
Pia Phillip Michael, Gbudue State minister of Education, says they will continue to empower women because they are the mothers of the nation.
In a separate development, the UN women program specialist Edfas Mkandawire, says they have intervened in very many activities to support the women since 2014.
He adds that they will continue to back up the leadership positions given to women to enable them develop from grass root to the highest level.
They spoke on Wednesday during international women’s day celebration in Nzara County.

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