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Friday, March 15, 2019 - 09:50
The community of Basongoda Payam of Sakure County says the biggest challenge in their area is lack of clean drinking water and health centre.
Charles Badiwe, youth representative says life is very difficult in their area without clean water.
Esther Luka, a female representative appeals to the government for immediate support in the Payam so that they may be able to sustain themselves.
The lady appreciates the government of South Sudan for signing peace which will help their children to have access to quality education.
Meanwhile Joseph Dawudawu urges the public to avoid things that can cause conflict.
He assures that the government of South Sudan is working hard to provide peaceful environment to its people.
The speakers made this remarks during public dissemination of revitalized peace agreement under the theme stand for peace, unity, reconciliation and progress on monday.

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