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Maura Ajak-CRN
Wednesday, March 13, 2019 - 10:06
The Sudan People’s Liberation Army in Opposition or SPLA-IO has been harassed in Juba by the hotels managers especially in Juba Grand Hotel, says the Military Spokesman.
Colonel Lam Paul Gabriel says there was no food and water for five days.
He points out that the opposition teams are going through a lot of difficulties and the other teams.
Colonel Paul adds that they are committed to implement the peace that’s why they are ready to continue suffering in Juba.
“Our people are not receiving any incentive and salaries. Many don’t have families in Juba to stay with especially those from Upper Nile and Wau”, he says.
Colonel Paul says if it was not for peace, they would have not subject to the harassment.
“People have been saying that the opposition team that is here for the implementation of the security arrangement is enjoying their stay in the hotels and not doing anything. This is really not true! We are going through a lot of difficulties here in Juba; we have been harassed on several locations by the hotel managers. I can give you an example of Juba Grand Hotel, about five days, they have cut off their services. No food and water for the delegation that is here for the security arrangement and today 2 to 3 PM the hotel managers decided to lock the hotel rooms for the delegations. We have to call NPTC and those in charge to rescue but of course we don’t know what happened they requested us to go back and activate our keys to go back inside”
He says a month ago the vehicles that were provided to the delegation for transportation were taken away.
Colonel Paul adds that it is only the SSPDF helping them with transport when it comes to a Joint Defense Board or JDB meetings.
He notes that they do foot for meetings to implement the peace process.
There are 36 people in Juba Grand Hotel, while other oppositions groups are in Dembesh Hotel.
The SPLA-IO spokesman was briefing the media on Tuesday about the challenges and issues of accommodation that NPTC supposed to facilitate.
 “On top of that, we’re been told that people are making negative propaganda that we’re enjoying life in the hotel. I would like the community, our South Sudanese people to understand that if it is not for peace no one will subject him/herself to this kind of harassment. But for the sake of peace we are here struggling and surviving just to make sure we implement the security arrangement and make sure that peace will really preveil. Two months ago when we came, we were provided with vehicles for transport purpose. But about a month ago the vehicles were also removed by their owners. Now we have to foot if we’re going for meetings. But of course we know when it comes to JDB, the SSPDF always come handy to support like yesterday (Tuesday) they provided us with transport to go for meetings in Bilpham that is from them”. 
The Juba Grand Hotel manager declined to explain because he said it is not ethical to disclose what happened.

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