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Obiala Angel –Radio Emmanuel
Tuesday, February 19, 2019 - 12:49
The vicar general in the Catholic Diocese of Torit is advising Christians to help one another as people of God.
Fr. Arkangelo Lokoro tells faithful to be happy amidst poverty.
What kind of life do we need, poverty, hunger, wiping, social rejection all this were the blessings of God in the other way because God says blessed are the poor, when you are very poor you should be happy when you are hungry you be happy, when you are rejected by people you be happy because the blessing of God are in those situation, this kind of people.” He laments
Fr. Lokoro appeals to congregation to remember that the country is under serious starvation which requires people to help one another.
The priest discourages selfishness among the Christian community.
“Somebody who say God help me, I need help this person who say I need help is hungry there is no food in our country give us something, when we share our poverty, hunger, wiping God is in our needs even the little one you have you share, that is the meaning of sharing, and very rear with some people, some will appear like you are lower down because you are very poor it should not be like that even problem or your neighbor the children are not going to school and you have some money , can I give this so that they go to school.” he adds
The catholic prelate was giving his homily at Sts Peter and Paul Cathedral on Sunday in Torit.

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