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Radio Anisa
Friday, February 8, 2019 - 14:46
The Minister of Information of Gbudue State confirmed to Anisa Radio that a group of butchers mishandled mayor of Yambio during a meeting on Wednesday.
Hussein Enoka explains that a misunderstanding erupted between the groups of the butchers while they were called for a meeting to elect their leader.
Mayor Judith Ruben, Legal Administrator Joseph Paul and chairperson of Chamber of Commerce Hezekiah Phillip Tuu were physically abused during the incident.
Hussein calls on citizens of Yambio not to panic because the government has taken measures against those who committed the act.
In an exclusive interview to the town Mayor Judith Ruben says she is feeling pains all over the body because the perpetrators tried to physically abuse her.
She appeals to the general public not to panic or cause havoc because the government is in full control.
The officials spoke to media after the accident.

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