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Otwari Thomas Marino - Radio Emmanuel
Thursday, February 7, 2019 - 15:18
The head mistress of Torit One primary school is accusing parents of allowing their children to do business instead of sending them to school.
Ms. Lagua Charity advises parents to educate children on the importance of education instead of business.
And this one simply goes to the parents simply because a learner cannot come if the parent is not harsh to that learner most of the parents here they are leaving their children to room around they go in the market they sell they come in the evening they don’t  do follow up for the learners so am urging the parents to at least to send their learners those ones who are registered are still welcome we still have vacancy to register them and those ones who are registered should immediately come and report to school so that the teachers begin teaching, the classes begin.”
Ms. Charity explains it is a collective responsibility of parents and teachers to educate and monitor the performance of children.
She says the future of every nation lies in the hands of the young children.
“Mostly formal education begin from the parents so when they send the learners here the stubborn on can be dehorn but mostly those one who are stubborn if they are brought by their parents if they reach here with the support of teachers they can perform well so am urging the parents outside and the learners outside they should come for registration and we continue with the studies since this future lies on the children”.
Earlier this week a parent asks for reduction of tuition in private schools to allow the poor to send their children to school.
The head teacher made the remarks while talking to radio Emmanuel in her office at Torit one Primary school in Torit.

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