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Radio Emmanuel
Wednesday, February 6, 2019 - 15:16
The pastoral coordinator of the Catholic Diocese of Torit says evangelization is not only for priests or pastors who preach but for all Christians.
Father Kamilo Afore says involvement of all Christians in evangelization changes peoples ways of life 
“Christians mission is not only to our families, but to look beyond of our country we have to look beyond not only we say okay there are people from deference communities who come among us how do we treat them and especially the preachers of the Gospel clergy and everybody who is ordain we have to look beyond our own boundaries we have to be like Jesus who challenges his own people and we cannot condone any wrong doing done by our own people we have to challenge them we have to look beyond the boundary of our own community love one propelling us the faith that we have should propel our love for each and every body”
The pastoral coordinator advices faithful to treat everyone equal in the community
Father Kamilio made the remarks during the Sunday special program on radio Emmanuel.

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