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Wednesday, February 6, 2019 - 15:13
The parish priest of Saints Peter and Paul Parish in the Catholic Diocese of Torit is advising Christians to show love, faith and hope in their daily lives.
Fr Leonsio Lomina Okwormoi says owning wealth without love for others means nothing in life.
“All of us should live with hope. If the night comes, we sleep with hope that we will wake up so that worry will not defeat the many gift that God has given us. We can have all things in this world but without love, all this is nothing. Love should be our stove. Love should light in our lives. If there is love nothing will intimidate us. The importance of love is multiple. Someone who loves doesn’t praise the suffering of others”
The cleric encourages Christians to live by imitating the saints in the bible.
Fr Lomina says practicing love in a society is a source of happiness.
“Love binds all good things, love has no limit. It is not like a year that has days ending .we need to live with love in everywhere we go. This is what Peter is emphasizing in the bible. We must not miss these three things, faith hope and love. So love unifies all of them”
Fr Leonsio Lomina was preaching at Sts Peter and Paul Cathedral in Torit on Sunday.

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