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Voice of Peace Radio
Wednesday, January 9, 2019 - 14:33
The Director of Health in the Nuba Mountains region says his secretariat is in deep concern over the areas that are not reachable so as to revive medical supplies.
Joseph Kunda Kodi told Voice of Peace Radio that they continue facing difficulties to deliver medical kits to Western parts of the region that comprises of four counties.
He adds that eastern and southern parts of the region like Abashiya, Kau-Nyaro and Warni have the same problem.
The director admits the presence of common diseases like diarrhoea and respiratory infections due to contaminated environment and water.
Kunda mentions that they are facing challenges of transports for out-reach programs to aware community on prevention measures.
The director urges international community to look into the deteriorating health conditions of conflict-affected areas and save lives in the region.

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