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Kade Doris Samson-CRN
Monday, January 7, 2019 - 15:58
The Minister of Information refers the petition of the civil society organizations to the National Communication Authority or NCA.
Civil society organizations have on Monday submitted a petition to the Minister of Information Michael Makuei Lueth over inefficiencies of the mobile network in South Sudan.
But Michael Makuei Lueth says it is the mandate of the NCA to handle the matter.
“Yes I receive it, but I’m not the right authority as of now because I'm the last person to respond to such complains . When it comes on my table, it becomes a policy. There is no way I can jump in. I’m the last authority to whom you should come and present your complain after trying all possible ways. But when you come to me directly there is no way I can intervene”.he insisted.
Executive Director of the Organization for Responsive Governance Rajab Mohandis appreciates the minister’s response and that they will follow the issue with the NCA because it is a public concern.
He adds that the mobile network services are poor.
“We presented the petition and the ministry took note of the petition and advised that we discuss and present it to the National Communications Authority directly engaging with the telecommunications in terms of their operations to address these concerns. We are happy with the response from the minister and we will follow up with the national communications Authority because it is a general public concern from the states and also within Juba.” We will be following up on behalf of the people to ensure that we get positive and constructive feedback in terms of the improvement of the telephone network” Mohandis said.
Elijah Bior Duol, Acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Information, says the NCA is responsible of any complain regarding poor mobile or internet services.
“We acknowledge their concerns, but we have referred them to the rightful body. Any complain regarding poor services, they are the one to follow the matter”. So this complain of the people will be referred to them either to internet service providers or mobile service operators”.
70 civil society organizations across South Sudan including Organization for Responsive Governance signed the petition which they intended to hand to the Minister of Information over inadequacies of mobile networks in the country.

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