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Maura Ajak-CRN
Monday, January 7, 2019 - 15:52
South Sudan is among 150 countries safe to travel to out of 195 nations in the world, according to an African American Travel Influencer.
Jessica Nabongo tells CRN that despite the negative stories she decided to visit South Sudan to get portraits and stories from ordinary people.
She points out that she does not focus on political situation, but only on the everyday life of the people.
Nabongo discloses that social media helped her travel to be known to people and the have happy experience in the world including South Sudan.
Travel Influencer cites difficulties she met especially taking more than thirty minutes in Juba to process her visa.
Everywhere in the world including South Sudan people want peace and they are hopeful, she explains.
Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Jessica Nabongo travels the world and is passionate about sharing her experiences in countries that have typically low rates of tourism.
She spoke to CRN on Saturday about her four-day stay in Juba.

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