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Maura Ajak-CRN
Wednesday, December 19, 2018 - 14:48
The South Sudan People’s Defence Force Spokesman describes the National Alliance Salvation or NAS as biggest threat and terrorist organization to peace agreement and people.
Major General Lul Ruai Koang was on Wednesday reacting after the recent attack that took place in Lumumba Bridge connecting Maridi to Yei.
He accuses Thomas Cirillo’s group of having no difference with Boko Haram in Nigeria that abducts school pupils and kills a teacher.
“As we speak NAS is the biggest threat to smooth implementation of the transitional security arrangements in particular and RARCSS in general, NAS has declared infrastructural and indication warfare has manifested by deliberate destruction of Lomumba Bridge in Yei River State, and deliberate killing of school teacher in Lobonok County of Jubek State. We have feeling that NAS is becoming a terrorist organisation it has no difference with Boko Haram in Nigeria. That targets educational facilities storming schools, abducting school children, taking student female students and marrying them off to their fighters. NAS has started by targeting teachers in the country side”, General Ruai quotes.
General Ruai says that NAS is an enemy by attacking the government and the opposition forces in Yei River State.
It will be the best interest to the SPLA-IO to join together with SSPDF to eliminate NAS because they became friends and partners through the peace agreement.
“This is not a bigger problem any longer in terms of coverage or the scale of violence had shrunk it's only confined into two states, we are going to dedicate our resources our man power and our energies to containing this rebellion, of course that's what we are expect they're our peace partners they have been attacking IO in Yei River State by the way, it would be in the best interest of the SPLA-IO to join forces with us (SSPDF) for us to eliminate NAS. 
NAS have been a security threat to all of us, in Yei River State they kept on fighting IO and fighting us (SSPDF) at the same time. So to NAS all of us are their enemies what happens if one group deems you enemies to that, then you become friends by becoming partners in the peace agreement we become partners by default or through the agreement signed", he adds.
NAS movement is destroying the infrastructure of South Sudan but the government has the mandate to protect its people and will hunt down NAS, he adds.

“And we have one common enemy so what do we do? It would be in our best interest to join forces join resources and eliminate this threat, it's not only a threat to us it's a threat to the people of South Sudan if civilians are being killed how they go about their business if strategic bridges are being destroyed, who are going to be affected this bridges are not the only use by the national army they are use by the all the citizens of South Sudan. And we have a mandate to protect the people of South Sudan as well as the infrastructure. Now for those who are living in NAS control areas we are going to ensure your security by hunting them down. And getting rid of them wherever they are we have the capability we have the ability we have the resources which will handle them, let them not lose hope the threat they are causing still limited still manageable it has not run out of control”, he stresses.

The SSPDF spokesman talked to CRN about the general security in the country and the recent NAS offensive against its troops at Lumumba Bridge, Lobonok County and Maridi.

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