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Don Bosco Radio
Tuesday, December 11, 2018 - 14:27
The Chairperson of Human Rights Commission in Tonj on Monday calls upon the government officials to enlighten the public on the importance of human right in the state.
Adhel Majok Athuai stresses that lack of financial support from their partners this year lessened the celebration in Tonj State, Don Bosco Radio reports.
She explains that development partners continue to consider former ten states of South Sudan instead of 32.
Adhel says the only way is to address human right violations in all counties as women are the most victims of rape, sexual assaults and harassment in their places of work to get all information on the practice.
Monica Ho-Tapiu Khamis says women are not given their rights in all places since they are given unimplemented 35 percent in the government.
Saverio Philip Bazia, Commissioner of Tonj County points out good uses of human rights act in the country brings harmony and peaceful co-existence at all levels.
He suggests the addition of human rights acts to South Sudan syllabus for young people to understand it better.
Government officials including Ministers of Education and Gender and Child Welfare in Tonj State attended the event.

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