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Thursday, December 6, 2018 - 14:45
The Director of Star Support group under the Christian Brothers in the Catholic Diocese of Tombura-Yambio is calling on the entire citizens and couples to accept one another despite encountering or living with HIV virus.
Speaking to Anisa Radio this morning brother Martin Kuemba discloses that they have counselors who always counsel the HIV/AIDS victims on how they can accept one another.
He says that there are so many diseases now which are more dangerous than HIV/AIDS but the most important thing is to forgive each other.
Kuaemba reveals that they have 2000 registered members both Men and Women, 800 are children and 10 are disable who are getting treatment and support under Christian Brothers in Yambio and other places.
He adds that they support those groups with tailoring, English course, micro finance, paying school fees for the orphans and providing them with basic food items among others.
Brother Kuaemba says that they also have clinic to help their clients with medication adding that the major aim of Star Support group is sustainability not to offer charitable work.
He says the group graduated tailoring and English course students last week and they have 12 field monitoring team deployed to see if they are using the knowledge to sustain their living.
The Director outlines some of the challenges hindering their program such as insecurity for the past two years and limited funding.
He spoke to Anisa Radio on Thursday in Yambio.

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