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Alfred Soka-CRN
Wednesday, December 5, 2018 - 15:22
The Chairperson of the Union of Journalists of South Sudan or UJOSS declares to hand over power to a new person democratically 
Addressing General Assembly meeting of UJOSS on Wednesday in Juba, Oliver Modi Philip says he is stepping down in good faith to give room for a new person to take over.
He cites a big challenge which requires more efforts to train professional journalists because South Sudan needs to catch up with the world in professional reporting.
Modi appeals to the government to provide security, justice and stability to journalists to work without hindrances  
John Atambo, Vice Chairperson Kenyan Union of Journalists, urges media leaders to remain focused to serve their fellow journalists.
He calls on South Sudan journalists to vote in the right people to implement the five-year strategic plan of UJOSS.
Atambo advises South Sudan journalists to cultivate the spirit of professionalism and avoid bribes.
Shopie Dresser of Internews says her organization will remain committed to support media houses in South Sudan to realize quality information delivery to people in the young country.
Mary Ajith Goch, Chairperson of AMDISS calls for full participation of women in media leadership to be able to question the government on their 35 percent representation.
Media houses should now spread messages of peace countrywide after the revitalized peace agreement, she adds.
Acting Secretary of South Sudan Trade Workers Union, Agacio Akol appreciates Modi for stepping down peacefully and handing the seat democratically.
The general assembly meeting of UJOSS that started on Wednesday, under the theme: “Towards a diverse, free and safe journalism”, is expected to end on Friday with election of the new executive members.

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