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Don Bosco Radio
Wednesday, December 5, 2018 - 08:47
Parents in Tonj on Tuesday advised youth in the state not to practice fornication.
Speaking to Don Bosco Radio, one of the parents, Longar Malual Ayuel, stresses that youth should work for their future instead of practicing immorality.
He advises young people to respect their bodies and help in reducing sexually transmitted diseases.
Longar urges parents to inform their children in the right way to refrain from malpractices.
He discourages wearing of short dresses as they expose the body and leads to spoiling one’s future.
Peter John appeals to the government to put much interest in restricting fornication among youth in the country.
He attributes HIV/ALDS increase to sex before marriage in the society.
They speakers made the remarks on Tuesday to Don Bosco Radio in Tonj

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