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Tuesday, December 4, 2018 - 14:34
Apuk Giir and Abiem communities on Monday exchanged cows for compensation of four people killed by criminals from Yiik Adoor and Manlor Counties last year.
Commissioner of yiik-Adoor County, Liet-nhom County of Tonj State and Manlor and Lony-Aker County of Gogrial on Sunday finalized compensation of four people killed on July 14, 2017.
Paul Mangong Commissioner of ManlorCounty stresses that before his appointment, the criminals of Liet-nhom came at night and killed a man with his brother-in-law of Abim community and took the cows.
He adds that the relatives of the deceased carried out revenge killing by murdering one person from yiik-Adoor and Lony-Aker community.
The commissioner adds that the two former Governors Tonj and Gogrial intervened and brought the culprits to book.
He says he collected 62 cows to compensate two people of Luony-Aker and yiik-Adoor community.
The official discloses that the security is calm from both sides and they are now in peace.
The commissioner explains that the delay of compensation was due to the absence of seven criminals from Apuk section.
Zachariah Thuc, a brother to the deceased says he received 62 cows for the compensation of his brother and the husband of his sister.
He attributes massive killing of civilians to the availability of guns in the hands of civilians.
Akeen calls on government to disarm civilians.
Madit Kuol Nhomrom Reech, Commissioner of Liet-nhom County stresses that he also collected 62 cows to compensate two people of Abim community and Abim paid 62 cows to compensate two people of Apuk community of yiik-Adoor and Lony-Aker.
He notes that the court took decision to collect cows from the relatives of the seven absent perpetrators to compensate deceased of Abim
He appreciates the initiative the court has taken to avoid grudges among communities.
The commissioner assures the public to resume their relationship as brothers and sisters for peace to prevail.
Akech Deng Aleer, Executive Chief of Liet-nhom, expresses his happiness to both two sections.
He urges the two communities to forget the grudges and start anew chapter.
They speakers were talking in telephone interview with Don Bosco Radio on Sunday during exchanging of cows in Warrap County.

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