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Radio Anisa
Tuesday, December 4, 2018 - 08:59
The Rural Development Action Aids in Gbudue State supports community youth groups with economic empowerment programs in Yambio.
According to Anisa Radio says currently, the groups benefiting from the projects include Mamufurani, in Akorogbodi, Anisono in Zamabago, Zerada in Duduma Zangazee in Kuzee and Anitunga in Masia.
The organization has been empowering youth groups with entrepreneurship skills through training them in tailoring and giving them machines and startup kits.
Rural Development Action Aids on Monday gave more than six thousands South Sudanese Pounds to Momufurani and Anisononga as revolving funds to to help themselves in their groups.
Action Acting Program Coordinator Alex Ibiko urges groups not to use the money for individual benefit, but plan something that can multiply the money in order to move the groups ahead.
He says the money will be returned with zero interest after six months in installments.
Most of the beneficiaries who spokes to Anisa Radio appreciate the organization for standing strong to empower the community through various programs.
Anisononga Tailoring Group Deputy Secretary, Josephine Bakitha Cigiara says with the support, they will bring basic services closer to the community so that they all benefit.
Goldon Sambia Sangba from the same group says their plan is to open a primary school, pharmacy and bring grinding machines to their community.
The two communities and their leaders welcomed the empowerment program of Rural Development Action Aids.
The speakers were speaking on Monday while delivering the revolving funds to the two groups in Akorogbodi and Zamabago in Yambio.

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