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Tuesday, November 13, 2018 - 15:36
Catholic Bishops of the Sudan and South Sudan urges the government and opposition groups who did not signed the revitalized peace agreement to continue negotiating for the whole country to enjoy genuine peace.
The Bishops in their message of peace after their ordinary meeting in Khartoum, Sudan between November 7 and 11 support the recently signed peace deal.
They encourage President Salva Kiir willingness to mediate the peace process between the Sudanese government and opposition groups in Darfur, Blue Nile and Southern Kordofan.
The Catholic leaders appeal to South Sudanese at home and Diaspora to stop their “unhelpful rhetoric on social media which sometimes amounts to insults and incitement of hatred”.
They call on all people to work hard to accept and build peace by embracing the spirit of love, forgiveness and reconciliation.
“There should be no more war in your minds, lips, houses and villages. Let us give this peace a chance by embracing each other as sons and daughters of one nation”, the leaders stress.
The Catholic Bishops want political leaders of the Sudan and South Sudan to resolve the “harsh economic situations in the two sisterly countries in order to improve the living conditions of the people”.
They pledge to work with other churches and religious leaders in issues of ecumenical and interreligious dialogues so that all efforts realize peace, unity, development and prosperity for all people in Sudan and South Sudan.
The Catholic prelates say they will continue to pray and hope that lasting peace comes to the war torn countries.

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