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Friday, November 9, 2018 - 12:54
South Sudan Red Cross Emergency Aid team in Torit is crowned the champions of national first aid competition in Juba.
Speaking during the celebration at Hotel Torit, Director of the Torit team expresses joy celebrating two in a row winning first aid national trophy in Juba.
Janet appreciates the emergency aid team for their hard work in winning the national first aid competition
“Today we are here again like last year we did the same in the same Hotel Torit we are here with the very simple but very important and we are all happy for it and we are here for none other than the celebration the happiness that we have to enjoy together for our emergency action team that has made it very competitive during the national first aid competition in Juba”.
Team leader Kizito Mathew thanks his members for their encouragement which led  to the success of the team.
“What I need to tell you on why we brought this thing or how we brought this thing, it was all through your courage it was not because of us I must tell you this it is through your encouragement so last year we went we brought the trophy and how our director encourage us, the live members and all the members the staffs the volunteers themselves we took that heart and we said no next time round we should bring it again because with this courage they love us and they want us to do again so we went from here with courage with support that is why we bring this again with all this up on the competition it was not something hard as I said it was hard but it depends on your confidence” he adds
Angela Achiro Onorio South Sudan Red Cross life member encourages the team to continue to push on to be able to compete at a regional level
Achiro commits to build confidence among team members so as to do more in the next coming competition
“we are here to encourage you next not to compete in Juba but at a regional level we are encouraging you to do more practice so that next time from Juba you may go to Adis you may go to Kampala you may go to Nairobi in any part of Africa to compete their and bring the cup here back to Torit, we are here to build you more confident right from now we are building you more confident so that when you go you will do better than this one” she laments
South Sudan National first aid competition was in two phases, written and practical Torit state scores 20 out of 20 in written and 40% in practical’s summing up to 60% and the second winners, Wau scored 49% in total.
The team was warmly welcomed by top state Government officials, members of parliament, Red Cross Volunteers and School clubs at Torit airstrip

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