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Don Bosco Radio
Friday, November 9, 2018 - 12:45
The listeners of radio Don Bosco on Thursday call on the communities to learn many languages for the peace building in the country. 
Majok Majok, one of the callers stresses that knowing many languages will make one fit wherever he or she lives.
He urges south Sudanese to at least speak ten out of the sixty four languages in the country
Ater Mabior Ater says it was difficult for him in the past to ask for prices in Arabic adding that was when he acknowledges the importance of knowing different languages.
Gabriel Gai Dut suggests that the introduction of all languages of south Sudan in the syllabus will facilitate learning for all.
He appeals to the government to use national languages as in peace building messages.
They speakers made the comments during a live talk show with radio Don Bosco in Tonj

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