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Maura Ajak-CRN
Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 13:33
The rate of Impunity for violations against children in South Sudan continues to be a problem says the Permanent Representative for Sweden to the United Nations. He adds the need to talk about accountability for perpetrators. 
Olof Skoog, encouraged the president to sign the Act without delay and describes the birth registration for all children as a basic right for all.
Skoog says there is need for the government to show political leadership, adding there are armed groups in the country and the government can not necessarily guarantee compliance from all those groups.
He says in spite of the good efforts in working with demobilized child soldiers, there is need for solid investment in social, economic development, like schools, healthcare services and protection of people.
‘The presence of justice and police is an important aspect in all this, he adds.
There will be an accelerated obligation and an engagement between the United Nations - UNICEF and UNMISS and the government in terms of this action plan, he stresses.
Skoog hopes to see a solid action plan agreed in the next few months and the beginning of the implementation of the peace process as we enter the next year.
The speaker was briefing journalists about his trip to Pibor and Bor during his three days visit to South Sudan.

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