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Otwari Thomas Marino-Radio Emmanuel
Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 13:32
Delegates from the national ministry of Agriculture and food security visits Torit to assess the food security situation and agricultural progress in the state
The officials were led by national minister Onyoti Adigo Nyikoc says the aim of the visit is to assess the agricultural sector and find out the challenges facing farmers.
Adigo says this will help find ways to improve agriculture in the state
“so my main visit is to see you people to see the food situation here how is the food situation in your place and also to visit some farms and also to see how you are progressing especially the farming this year how is it, how did you go by it and I would need this full report from you and I expect the full report from the Minister of Agriculture in writing to see the progress of farming this year what were the challenges which were there and what is the way forward and how do we coordinate our work to help ourselves”
Minister Onyoti appeal to the leaders to be exemplary in their actions for farmers and the local population to imitate their practices.
Torit state acting Governor Dr. Margret Itto welcomes the team and assures them of improved security in the state
“so I welcome you all honourable minister of Agriculture and the team and the team from Juba and also our development partners the FAO you are most welcome Torit is very calm security wise we are moving well you can see smiling faces in the street, children are going to school, people are going to their farms we are still collecting the little bit in the farms though the rainy season is almost coming up in here we have a vision our vision in Torit is to live in peace and harmony in the state”
Itoo says the state is progressing in agriculture compared to the previous years 
While the managing director for Green Horizon Yoash Zohar assured the team of massive food production in the state
Zohar is hopeful that the recent sign peace agreement will help foster agriculture in the state and the Country as a whole
“now there is freedom hopefully now there is a lasting peace now it is the time for development as you pointed out the first step in the development should be agriculture because this is the base of everything, it is the food security of the nation and this is the activity that anybody can participate in, this farm is not big you have seen a bigger farms of green Horizon but am very proud of this farm because there is a very dedicate local team here”
The team calls on citizens to prioritize agriculture as the national Government is working hard to improve the sector in all parts of the Country
The delegates visited small scale farms such as Green Horizon, Nesitu farmers Groups and Illaya farmers.
The delegates appeal to humanitarian organizations supporting food security to support small scale farmers through funding and providing agricultural tools and skills.

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