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Radio Anisa
Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 13:29
Tambura state minister of gender child and social welfare is calling on the general population to reconcile and forgive each other
Anisa Radio quotes Santina Kazimiro during a one-day workshop at women center saying, “Time has come now for every south Sudanese to start a new page of life and forget the past”.
She urges people to avoid hate speech among them, and be patient, and humble, for the sake of peace to prevail in the country.
Santina further discloses that, there is no reason for hatred among the people because everybody is equal before God.
She encourages participants of the training to carry the message to the entire communities and promote peaceful co-existence in the State and south Sudan at large. 
The minister was giving her remarks during a one-day workshop organised by UNMISS under the theme “Voice and visibility of female leaders in the peace process” 

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