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Radio Anisa
Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 13:27
Nagero County in Tambura state has emerged as the best performing county in the 2018 Primary Eight Mock Exams 
Mock exams are always set to prepare candidates to face examination with confidence and competence. 
The state minister of Education Justine Ebere Ginana announced that Nagero took the lead with 100% followed by Tambura County with 91% and Ezo County as the third with 86%. 
He adds that the best perfuming primary schools were Richland Primary with 100%, St Lawrence primary with 100%, Nagero primary school 100% and Degere primary school 100%.  
Ebere confirms that Salah victor from St Mary Primary School was the best performing pupil with a total of 451 marks followed by Mihongo Dominic from St Mary primary school with 440 marks.
651 candidates sat for the mock exams, 592 passed and 59 failed
He encourages the parents to support their children by giving them more time to study for their final exams.
The results were announced on Monday this week in Tambura state Headquarters

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