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Radio Anisa
Wednesday, November 7, 2018 - 07:59
The secretary of Yabua parish in the Catholic diocese of Tambura-Yambio discloses that there is no external funding for the church constructions in Africa that is why they embark on fundraising.
Natale Bamuke says the first fundraising they conducted in January they got 110,000 SSP and in the second contribution they attained 32, thousands pounds for the same construction, Anisa radio reports.
He discloses that they are ready to buy the missing materials for the constructions of the church because keeping cash is risky and prices in the market are not stable.
Fr Gamboripai William Abass congratulates those Christians who stand firm to support and contributed towards church construction.
The priest concludes that people should love one another and leave apart empty promises in life as shown by St Augustine choir to join them with the support to develop the parish.
The speakers made the remarks on Sunday at Holy family Yabua Parish in Nzara.

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