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Radio Anisa
Wednesday, November 7, 2018 - 07:58
Ministry of Education in Gbudue State warns teachers against allowing learners loitering in the town and lodges with school uniforms during lesson hours.
Pia Philip gave the warning follows a public disturbance on absentees and troublesome students and pupils who are always found in market places, lodges and video halls when others are attending lessons.
He says the education policy of the state directs students and pupils to wear school uniforms only to be in class from morning up to evening.
Philip explains that his ministry received several reports of students being seen with school uniforms in those places.
The minister also warns business personals and hotels owner not to allow school girls to enter their hotels without any proposer reasons.
Principal of Alliance High School Onzima Albert Thomas praises the move by the Minister of Education and that it is a good gesture to improve education in the state.
He says for the past few month market places as been over crowded with school uniforms citing that the 
The Principal urges the state government to also come up with the policy of paying school fees because most students prefers studying for free 
The officials was speaking to Anisa FM Radio on Tuesday in Yambio 

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