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Anisa Radio
Saturday, October 20, 2018 - 13:26
The Youth Adviser for Community Empowerment for Rural Development is urging young people to support each other for better future.
While speaking on Anisa Radio Mary Nginzo calls for collective responsibility of parents, government, institutions and elders to come together to support the youth.
She calls for training of young people right from their different homes with manual works like farming without discrimination.
The advisor cautions that youth are helped they will not engage into criminal activities citing that they will rather engage in beneficial activities.
She advises that people should not look at the youth just as useless by calling them criminals always, but rather consider how to help them.
Tutu Philip Fodul, youth representative, says the major problem affecting the young people is lack of employment opportunities.
He suggests that youth should also be allowed to make decisions that are amicable to them and that help them come up with solutions to their problems.
Philip mentions that youth need to be courageous in everything they do and have vision for the future.
He calls on fellow young people to distance themselves from bad politicians.
The officials were speaking Friday on Anisa Radio during evening drive program.

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