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Friday, October 19, 2018 - 10:18
Women groups under the Catholic Diocese of Tombura-Yambio have saved over fifty one thousand South Sudanese Pounds.
While speaking to Anisa FM on Thursday the Chairlady of the group in Curia Diagbia Roda Moses says the money will be used for women empowerment in the Diocese. Anisa radio reports 
She explains that their aim is to allow women to become self-reliance in order to fight against Gender Base Violence or GBV.
Roda appeals to women in Gbudue and South Sudan at large to embrace such opportunities in order to have equal right in the community.
The manager for women and families sector in the Diocese Veronica Anni Michael reveals that currently they have registered about one hundred and eighty members to the group.
The women group was formed by Bishop Barani Eduardo Hiiboro Kusala with support from Canadian Samaritans for Africa In September.

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