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Radio Anisa
Monday, October 15, 2018 - 11:04
The government of Gbudue State and developmental partners on Saturday launched resilience and recovery program in Yambio.
State Governor Badagbu Daniel Rimbasa says the project is to embark on the development of the State, Radio Anisa reports.
The state will make private sector to empower women, youth and farmers to help them create jobs for themselves to avoid insecurity activities, he discloses.
Alain Noudehou, UNMISS Deputy and Humanitarian Coordinator says they launched the program after conducting discussions with citizens at different levels in the state.
He says last eight months they have been planning on how to unite people in such a program.
Many UN Agencies, Ambassadors from different Countries and community members witnessed signing ceremony to launch the resilience and recovery program in Yambio.

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