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Yangi Justine - CRN
Thursday, October 11, 2018 - 15:00
United Nations Population Fund or UNFPA says child marriage is a threat to lives and future of girls in South Sudan.
Country representative Mary Otieno stresses that child marriage is wrong because it puts the future and lives of adolescent girls at risk.
Otieno emphasizes the dangers of early marriage as a loss in personal development including health education and participation in democratic processes in a country.
Meanwhile gender analyst Viola Riak explains that some community members hold ceremonies when their daughter reaches puberty.
Viola encourages the boys to advocate for their sisters and urges parents to give equal chance to the girl child.
Lemi Peter a student at Nile Model Secondary school calls on young girls to go to school and continue with their studies for brighter future.
Meanwhile another student Raythik Achiek has a special message to all parents 
The international day of the girl child was organized by UNPA and other partners at Dembesh hotel in Juba.

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