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Juma Idris Khemis – Emmanuel Radio
Thursday, October 11, 2018 - 10:03
 Head teacher of Torit Day Secondary School urges parents to support their children with education.
Valery Afara Ohiri told radio Emmanuel that those kids who are not able to join school are likely to face a lot of challenges in the community in future.
Afara says learners should be supported in their education to reduce the rate of drop outs.
He believes uneducated children in few years’ time will become hard to manage.
"What our communities should understand is that let us try to contribute to the wellbeing of these learners. Because if we are not strong enough, you try to project this to five years to come or ten years to come; if these children are not educated and they are roaming around, there will be a very big gap. And that gap to fill it up will not be easy. And if that gap is remaining like that one, which means we are recruiting criminals be it boys or girls. In ten years to come if the gap is not filled with education very many people will be dropping out, then they will be thinking evil; then the community will be facing problems"
The head teacher urges communities to engage school drop outs in other economic activities that will help them benefit and develop.
He says these types of activities will make a positive change in future.
"The best thing is to engage these learners such that they continue to proceed in their levels of education. Even if it means that they have dropped out when they have finished senior four. They can do some small scale businesses, they can go and cultivate and such that they make use of the produce that they do. They make use of it wisely because they have some knowledge in education. Community should see to it that education is very important. If we do that one, we concentrate I think we will make difference. But when we relax, we shall realize the badness of it just in some years to come. It is not starting now, but let us see; project it ahead"
The Head Teacher spoke to Radio Emmanuel in Torit this Tuesday.

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