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Radio Emmanuel
Tuesday, September 18, 2018 - 17:16
Torit State Governor warns security organs in the state against pointless firing of ammunitions in the area.
Tobiolo Alberio Oromo told Radio Emmanuel such people involved in shootings continues to instil fear and trauma to the people.
He says heavy fines shall be imposed on those caught in the act.
"Guns have gone silent and if anybody shoots a bullet by mistake, we are going to fine him heavily. I have been talking to our security organs; you fire one bullet whether it being in town or village, you pay with a bull. Because we don’t have the factory for those ammunitions here and why are you continuing to promote panic and trauma to the people. So anybody those who are holding guns, you fire a bullet by mistake you are going to suffer the consequences. We want to see that no more gunshot wounds in the hospital"
Alberio says it is high time the country get on with issues to do with development and implement the rule of law.
"Peace has come to the country and it is time for us to embark on nation building. We must embark on enforcement of law and order. We need to enforce law and order, apprehend criminals and take to book. Let them face justice and then we shall be ruled by the law. Every human being will be guided by the laws of the country"
The Governor spoke during the handover of rehabilitation of the B-Court and provision of WATSAN facilities at State Police Unit in Torit.

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