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Radio Anisa
Friday, September 14, 2018 - 16:29
The people of Gbudue state celebrate the life of late Bishop Joseph Gasi Abangite of Tombura-Yambio Catholic Diocese.
Anisa Radio quoted Sheik Mekki Juma representative of Muslim Community saying “this is a very big day and blessings upon our lives remembering our late bishop Gasi grandfather”.
He adds Muslims are united together with Christians to live in peace in the state.
Sheik Juma urges people to live in peace with one another.
Governor of Gbudue State Badagbu Daniel Rimbasa says the visit of the Pope Representative in South Sudan is a miracle and blessings to the people of the country.
He notes that the celebration is a sign of great change and peace in the country.
The governor says the late bishop was a man of peace who loved his people without discrimination and valued education and family values.
Thousands of people from different parts of the state and religious denominations including Muslims gathered for the celebration of the fourth anniversary of late Bishop Joseph Gasi Abangite at St Mary Catholic Church Yambio.

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