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Radio Emmanuel
Wednesday, September 12, 2018 - 17:24
About 26 people are confirmed dead and 700 cattle raided in Kapoeta State during a in a cross border conflicts between the Turkana of Kenya and the Toposa of South Sudan.
State Minister of Information says there are many casualties in Lopol Kraal, East of State.
Joseph Kabaka states that the victims were a woman, an old man, five young people and 19 others from Turkana warriors.
“Yeah in fact on the 5th of Sept 2018, a Turkana warriors from the neighboring Kenya of course attached a place called Lopol Kraal where the cattle of Bunio, Nangeya, Likor and Pibong are and they really had very fresh fighting yean they really had very big fighting, it was very heavy and of course our people run short of ammunitions, the Turkana Warriors manage to succeed in taking seven Kraal which are estimated into 700 in total and we incurred some casualties from both sides and of course the Toposa who got Killed were seven, one woman, one old men and five young men on the side of Turkana those killed were 19”
Radio Emmanuel quoted Information Minister saying countries neighboring South Sudan has agreed to resolve issue of water scarcity in cattle camps.
“There is this a government aid project of this four communities of Turkana in Kenya, Toposa in the republic of South Sudan and the Karamoja in Uganda and the Ethiopia those who are bordering us had an agreement  and our Government is involve and is a partner you know this IGAD has tried to solve of this problems related to water scarcity and drug and they were trying to say ok let us have these communities bordering each other let us have a situation where we can put some boreholes or some water pils and some dams”
Joseph stresses the government is collaborating with the neighboring countries to stop cross border raid.
Currently the situation is calm and Radio Emmanuel could not reach the Kenyan authority for commends.

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