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Radio Emmanuel
Wednesday, September 12, 2018 - 17:22
Twenty Suspects were arrested for allegedly looting humanitarian vehicle for world Food Program or WFP
The state government says two weeks ago, a lorry taking food to the communities of Mogos and Jie area was stopped by a group of unknown youth and items were along Kapoeta Mogos road.
Speaking to Radio Emmanuel in a telephone interview, Joseph Kabaka Kapoeta State Information Minister confirms about twenty youth of Mogos were arrested
Joseph says the perpetrators will be brought to book.
“But the Government have moved down there and many youth are arrested about 20 and they are undergoing the investigation as I talked to you now they are undergoing investigation because the World food program also is very serious about this disrupt the distribution of food to the needy to the vulnerable so both of us the Government and World food program are working in hand and we have arrested a number of youth and I think we are investigating and soon or later we shall also give you the report about them”
Kabaka is worried that if looting continuous, aid may stop going to the local population of state. 
The information minister adds that the food looted was meant for Mogos and Jie communities and he assured that looted items will be taken back to the owners.
“Some weeks earlier it is not in the office but it was actually on Kapoeta Mogos road where some Youth decided to stop the world food car and try to loot some food and some valuable items from the drivers and those who are on those lorries, it was actually on the road from Kapoeta to Mogos and the food was actually meant for Mogos Kasemor and other places because Kajemor was actually belong to Jie, the food was going for Jie and Mogos and on the way before the food to Jie which is the last point, the youth from Mogos decided to stop the car and looted”
Kapoeta state spoke person was talking to Radio Emmanuel on a telephone interview 

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