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Saturday, August 18, 2018 - 09:28
Reports of Coordination Unit Monitors on the ongoing food security survey in South Kordofan reveals that in July rainfall has stabilized across all counties in the central region.
In a note Voice of Peace Radio obtained, states that a rain delay in June affected cultivation in parts of Heiban, Delami and Umdorein counties.
People replanted seeds and that is likely to have an impact on the harvest and food security in 2019.
In Western Mountainous areas, planting and weeding are ongoing, but poor rainfall has been reported in several Payams of Dilling County.
In Southern Kurmuk County of Blue Nile, the Monitors reported food insecurity when they carried out food security survey.
Wadaka and Chali were affected last year by poor production as a result of heavy rains that destroyed most of the crops in low and high areas and influx of displaced people.
The buying power of communities is greatly impacted by rising prices in the weekly markets.
Sorghum is only available in the markets and its price is still rising as previously reported.
Meanwhile, there has been an increase in reported cases of malaria in South Kordofan, an expected rise at this time of the year due to the rainy season.
The Western region continues to report a chronic lack of drugs in the area.
More concerns are reports of an increase of tuberculosis and that Secretariat of Health is verifying.
An increase in HIV cases has been reported over the last few months by health actors, a situation which needs proactive attention.
Also the limited number of clinics in Blue Nile continues to affect communities on the southern bank of the Yabus River as they remain cut off from health services during the rainy season.

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