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Radio Emmanuel
Monday, August 13, 2018 - 16:32
Torit State Director of Education says successful implementation of the peace agreement signed in Khartoum on power sharing solely lies on the government and its opposition groups.
Gabriel Oliha says the conflict has disabled many sectors in the country, education being one of those, Radio Emmanuel reports.
He calls on the government to commit to ensure that the peace agreement is implemented so as to end suffering of the people.
“This depends on the people who signed the peace agreement, whether they are going to implement or not, because the suffering are the people. We lost even in education, so many teachers ran to Uganda other people also went with their children outside, that means our enrolment was reduced. Maybe because of this peace agreement, I hope the people are really serious, let them implement. Because we can’t talk of implementation while the people who are concerned, they should be the ones to implement what they have signed, because we don’t want this repetition of things that will happen again” he explains.
Oliha expects increase of teachers’ salaries when the implementation of the peace agreement succeeds.
He calls on the government to motivate teachers to realize quality education.
“The ministry of education, the teachers you can talk the whole day but none of the ministries is talking like that. So here; the salaries of the teachers if people were to be serious they could implement and check who is doing what so as to be motivated. You see that is why most of the teachers are leaving the ministry and going to NGOs. So in order to improve this one, there must be improvement. If the government is serious, they have to come up with idea that let the teachers’ salaries be increased. I remember last January there was some increment but up to now we have not received the rise. I hope the government has to be very serious about it and look at the problems of the teachers because teachers are the backbone of the country. Without a teacher nobody can become a doctor, a lawyer and whatsoever the case might be”, he pleads.
The state education director made the statement to Radio Emmanuel last Friday.

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