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Radio Emmanuel
Monday, August 13, 2018 - 16:30
The Deputy Director-General for Wildlife in Torit confirms that seven people lost their lives due to dogs’ bites in the state.
Wildlife office earlier ordered for the killing of astray and poisonous dogs in the state.
Brigadier General Paulino Oliha Diromoi tells Radio Emmanuel that many untreated dogs in the state are confirmed sick, making them wild and use to human flesh.
“We have registered more than, I remember here in Torit town about seven people died of Dogs bite and this is what causes us to issue an order of killing dogs and the reason why these dogs were killed we have got poisons in the body of these dogs because once the dog is sick it lies on the way and if  a person by passes it jumps and bites you and its poison is very dangerous and these cases have not started this year, it has been happening all these years and after we realize there were complain from our citizens on dogs biting people, that was when we notice that these dogs are sick and are poisonous”, he explains.
Brigadier Oliha says they killed about one hundred dogs in Torit town, but cites lack of transport to carry away dead dogs.
He explains that lack of transport means as a result of high fuel price which makes it hard for the department to transport and dispose dead dogs from residential areas to avoid bad smell.
“We are going step by step and if we see the number of wild dogs in the town reduces we may also stop the killing”, the director stresses.
Earlier last month, Wildlife Conservation issued an order killing untreated dogs in Torit town and in villages.
The director for public health was not available for comments.

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