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Radio Emmanuel
Thursday, August 9, 2018 - 10:04
Thirty-five cattle owners are attending training on veterinary skills to attain knowledge of how to manage their domestic animals against diseases.
The veterinarians told Radio Emmanuel that it is for their first time to get training that involves community members owning cattle.
State Acting Director for Animal Resources and Fisheries, Nasona Tombe explains that their ministry is trying to lobby for more training to prevent animal diseases.
“This is the first initial training for the type of this batch we hope if they can provide another time to have them continue training them, then they will graduate after certain period say if it is one month two or three months, then we give them certificates so this is the beginning that they are starting”, he notes.
Cattle keepers are trained about the signs and symptoms of the diseases and how to deal with simple drugs or report to veterinary authorities in the state, Tombe points out.
The ministry lacks mobility and resources to reach community members despite technical staff on the ground, he complains.
Animal diseases require full commitment since they are transmittable, the official adds.
“Well currently in the directorate or in the ministry as a whole we are lacking a lot though we have technical staff available on the ground, but is difficult to provide mobility to reach out to different communities so that they can deliver services required. So this is one major factor they might have identified this gap and they come up with this suggestion to us and we said okay this is a very good suggestion so we opened the gate wider and that is why we see them here in the hall under training”, he explains.
Sebit Farajallah Morris, Veterinary Expert, advises that the profession does not promote lazy and drunkard personnel.
He urges veterinarians to be active to save animals from diseases.
People should take good care of their animals to benefit them in the near future when factories will be established, he also advises.
The speakers were talking to Radio Emmanuel on Tuesday during five-day training in Torit town.

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