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Maura Ajak-CRN
Tuesday, August 7, 2018 - 10:30
The President of the Republic  promised citizens on Monday that he has forgiven the armed oppositions atrocities and they are welcome home.
Salva Kiir Mayardit says he accepted for Dr Riek Machar to become his first vice is to compromise between him and Taban Deng.
He added that the power sharing stops at the states level not on the counties as been agreed on 2015.
"I told them we will forgive you for all the atrocities that you have committed we will pardon you from all of it that what I said yesterday. We are not suppose to talk about the things happened in the past and you are suppose to return back home. The committee did not come with me because they are still working on the security arrangements and the rest of the issues that not yet done, this is what they are doing they are suppose to complete it within few weeks and then they will join us here that will be the time we will celebrate in a bigger way", Kiir explains
The pre-interim period will start when the security arrangements are done and it will last for eight months, explains the president.
"This agreement we have signed it says the pre-interim period will start very soon if we finished from the security interim arrangements, while we finish from them pre-interim period will start and it will last for eight months, it is a period of reforming the oppositions forces and put them in one place and then to be joint together with the government forces, after they get to train them well and to teach them the military system. Not just to bring a regular person and to be given rank without proper training to the individual on military system and claim to be major-general", Kiir further emphasizes.
President Salva Kiir was addressing the public after his arrival form Khartoum, Sudan on Monday.

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