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Monday, July 16, 2018 - 10:48
The faithful in Sacred Heart Tonj Parish of the Catholic Diocese of Rumbek strongly condemn indecent dressing of some women and girls especially when going for masses in the church.
Ajul Marum mentions that one should come to God’s house properly to learn something.
Church is not a place for parties and it is not right to dress tight clothes that expose one’s body, he adds.
Another faithful, Michael Majur urges parents to avoid allowing their children to come out of the compound while dressed indecently.
He adds that young girls/boys have adopted the modern cultures which permit them to put on tight and short clothes.
Majur encourages them to go to the church smart despite having one cloth.
Father Joseph Cane who was the main celebrant of Holy Eucharist asks the faithful to avoid indecent dressing while going for prayers.
He urges women and girls who come half naked to the church to properly dress before living their houses.
The priest says the church is a house of God which needs to be respected and kept holy.
He requests the legions of Mary to always isolate those who dress offensively from other believers.
The believers spoke to Don Bosco Radio on Sunday after the second mass Hall in Tonj.

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