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Radio Emmanuel
Thursday, July 12, 2018 - 17:32
Torit State Minister of Information urges a priest in the catholic Diocese of Torit to continue serving God in the pastoral ministry despite challenges he undergoes.
Margret Idwa Okuye describes Father Peter Ben Louis as a great and hard working man in society during the 11th anniversary of St Theresa Isoke Parish on Sunday.
She says being a true servant of God is not an easy task, but needs much prayer.
“Peter Ben you are a great man especially on this day breaking the bread at the altar of the Lord and being the true servant of the Lord is not easy he thank you for your dedication and commitment and also he said he thank you very much for taking care of the community your parish and beyond and he went concluding by saying my son you have chosen to be a priest continue for your services thank you for your services”, she appreciates.
Torit State Assembly Speaker Charles Odwar assures that peace will soon be restored in South Sudan because of good negotiations ongoing with the top authorities.
Security situation in the country will stabilize after the peace talks, he observes.
“Peace has come in South Sudan the war has ended two days ago our negotiating teams in Khartoum they have sign security agreement it is handed no question no disagreement any more interns of security and that is the real root course of our conflict and I hope with your prayer and this what I always share with the believers that without prayer we cannot have sustainable peace”, he notes
He says sustainable peace cannot be attained in the country without prayer.
The speakers where speaking during the eleven anniversary of Fr. Peter Ben Louis on Sunday.  

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