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Thursday, July 12, 2018 - 10:21
The former Mayor of Yambio has welcomed removal from his position earlier this week.
Singira Robert and the former minister of local government and law enforcement Mr. Jackson Ezekiel Buguwa were relieved on Sunday in a decree read on Yambio FM, 
He says his removal from office is normal because in government there has to be a change in leadership.
The former Mayor appreciates the governor of Gbudue State for trusting him to serve for one year and three months.
He pledges to continue to serve the government in any way as a normal citizen of the state.
The Ex-official revels that he was in the process of developing a project proposal with the World Bank to open roads in the municipality.
He also planned to have street lights and construction of water pipes in the municipality.
Robert promises to remain loyal to the SPLM despite his removal and he will never join any opposition movement to cause more trouble to his own people in the state.
The former mayor served as a parliamentarian for seven years in the former Western Equatoria and was appointed to lead Yambio Municipality on April 19, 2017 and removed on July 8, 2018
The state government did not decree his replacement so far.

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