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Wednesday, June 13, 2018 - 15:58
The Ministry of Health and Environment in Torit State has distributed seedlings to the institutions within Torit municipality as a way of maintaining the environment.
The chairman for the committee formed to organize the World Environment Day celebration in the state, Zachariah Orva, says planting of trees will improve the environment.
He says they are distributing the seedlings to the institutions as means of protecting the environment.
Orva says the tree seedlings are given to five schools which were invited to participate during celebration of World Environment Day.
The event was lately cancel due to financial constrain, he adds.
The Acting Director encourages schools that received the seedlings to care and protect them for better outcome.
Meanwhile the deputy head teacher for Dumak Primary School, Okot John Akai, says if the fruit-trees seedlings grow well, it will reduce prices of the imported fruits.
He appeals to the entire community to plant fruit-trees in their areas to avoid high prices of those fruits at the market.
The officials were talking to Emmanuel Radio in an interview during the distribution of tree seedling on Tuesday in Torit.

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